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My approach to therapy with adults is primarily informed by Advanced Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). AEDP seeks to bring about healing and transformation through the undoing of aloneness that can occur from trauma, loss, and the consequences of the limitations of human relatedness.

AEDP has roots in many disciplines, including interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, emotion theory, and body-focused approaches. As your therapist, I work to undo any aloneness you may be experiencing as a result of trauma or loss. I help you process difficult emotions as well as past and present relationship experiences that have contributed to, or have arisen, as a result of trauma or loss.

When trauma or loss is experienced, people often cut themselves off from difficult emotions in a self-protective manner. Though adaptive initially, cutting off emotion becomes maladaptive and leads to problems as you struggle to experience and express those emotions in a healthy and safe manner down the road. Therefore, I may ask you to recognize different physical signs in your body as we process your trauma or loss. This can help you reconnect with those emotions and bring them to the surface so I may help you experience and express them fully. In doing so, together we foster the emergence of new and healing experiences for you, as well as new resources and resilience.

I also utilize therapeutic techniques that facilitate and engage intrinsic motivation within you in order to change your behavior, thoughts, and attitudes. Increasing motivation to change is done as you explore and resolve ambivalence and examine alternatives. I draw upon additional therapeutic techniques that help you change patterns of thinking or behavior that are behind your difficulties.

What is Paramount in My Work Regardless of Your Presenting Issue

Creating a Safe, Trusting, and Collaborative Therapeutic Relationship

Without this in place, change, healing, and growth cannot occur.
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